Monday, June 3, 2013

Strategy vs Tactics in Game of Thrones

*** Heads up ***
The content of this post includes spoilers for Game of Thrones: Storm of Swords / The tv show: End of Season 3

Also, I curse a lot. That's because I've been bottling up this rant for 13 years, while I waited for you goobers too lazy to read the books to talk someone into making a TV show ;P
*** End heads up ***

Moving on...

A friend recently linked this picture. And I'm all like: "Story of my Life"

However, on a side note, I still haven't watched a single episode. I assume they're talking about the red wedding though. You fucking people have no idea how hard I've worked to not spoil that for you for the last THREE years ;P

Not that I wanted to spoil anything for spoiler's sake (Unlike meester Alonso). *I* just suddenly had a bunch of fellow story readers/watchers and wanted someone to bitch about the Injustice of it with. You fuckers needed to get to that part of the story faster, is all *I'm* saying

Fuck you Walder Frey! Fuck you so fucking much!!

Alright, now that I've got that out of my system, let's move on to the main part of this post:

<continue rant mode>

...and fuck YOU Robb Stark, you incompetent waste of potential! I wrote a whole essay on you in college. You make me so mad!

Read Shogun. Read the Art of War. Read any book by any old Asian wise dude. YOU CAN'T RUN A WAR WITH JUST SWORDS, even if you're REALLY good with the swords, you twat!

You NEED a fucking Counselor of War. You need a Littlefinger; a Tywin Lannister; or even a Tyrion. You need a Toranaga. You need Warriors and Masterminds

The official terms are Strategy and Tactics. Yin and Yang. "In all things, balance", motherfucker. "You know nothing, Jon Snow"

Ok, let me break it down. Put simply, Tactics are the individual battles, and Strategy is the overall war-long plan. Ever hear that phrase "win the battle but lose the war"? Tywin Lannister LIVES AND BREATHS that shit man. Like I said, check out the book Shogun sometime, it will melt your face off. Read what Toranaga writes about Mariko and a chess Queen. Oh boy...

Think about this: It all comes back to balance. You need BOTH. Otherwise, OTHERWISE, no matter HOW good the jerkoff Warriors and their 1-battle Tactics are, some far-thinking Strategist mastermind like Tywin is just going to be finagling behind the scenes with some gold-motivated treacherous asshole

Every. Damn. Time. This wasn't an isolated event. It wasn't "bad luck". It's the way of the world. You could practically call it the central theme of the entire Game of Thrones series. You could CERTAINLY call it a central theme of the Shogun series

Strategy. Tactics. Balance. One without the other = nono. Good job winning all those forest battles, King in the North. Too much drinking parties and patting yourself on the back afterwards. Someone laid a trap for you and you got caught. Every time

And you DON'T have to do it yourself. That's what kills me. Hire a BLOODY Consigliere. Your world is SWIMMING with them

Do you think there is any chance in the world Tom Hagen would have let Michael Corleone get caught with his pants down; that any Mastermind worth his salt wouldn't have pointed out the likelyhood - or had spies in place to give actual evidence - of Walder and Tywin schmoozing it up in their bloody little history-repeats-itself Castamere towers!?

Le sigh...

Had to add this gem from the above-mentioned Alonso:
If I had been Robb Stark I would have had the counsel, but still would have died at that red wedding next to a hot chick and not an ugly Frey

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