Friday, January 14, 2011

"Plague Corner", or "How I (barley) survived the last week & a half" ;)

Advil Cold & Sinus worked best of the bunch. Since I couldn't drive (at highest capacity, I was able to twitch feebly and moan a little), I asked family to pick it up. The pharmacist forced them to sign papers and swear not to cook any drugs.

When I heard that, I told my dad the week long zombie impersonation I'd been doing was only a fake cold, and I'd ACTUALLY been using him as a smurf to buy pseudo (thank you Breaking Bad). His reply: "So where's my cut?"

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Prison, or sweet land with free room service?

A friend of mine, and fellow non-meat eater, recently mentioned how she was opposed to Sea World. On her last vacation, she got to visit the place despite that, since her sister demanded it be so. Hopefully they both had a good time intimidating ocean creatures with the Harry Potter and Voldemort wands they picked up in Mickey land, even if it meant visiting in actual practice a place she opposed on principal.

Because of her veganism, I assumed her dislike of Sea World came from a distaste for zoo's in general, wether on land or under water. I actually never did ask her if my assumption was right. I could have just been making an ass out of u and umption.

I'm still holding out hope that the ACTUAL reason she's against the place is because they refuse to let visitors hop in the water and ride penguins. But either way, it got me thinking about my own feelings on captured critters...

As most of my knowledge of high culture comes from comics, I mirrored Hobbes' opinion for a long time. Then a few years ago, a fictional zookeeper's son blew my mind:
Bottom of Page 19 to end of Chapter 4-

-Life of Pi, Yann Martel

I always wondered if anyone wrote a counter to that imaginary character's argument, or if it actually was as logical as it sounded. Now I don't know what to believe. However, for research I spent yesterday taking notes on my cats diabolical daily plans for mischief, and I'm starting to get suspicious:

p.s. Of the two, her sister was the one who picked out Voldemort's wand. I clearly need to start considering a 'roommate switch' as to which one I'm friends with ;)