Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another gem from the Chrome OS setup

Youtube comments, the pride of the internet.

Oh Google, you crack me up AND give me a free netbook to test out delicious Chrome OS before it's officially released? That's like eating a tasty fortune cookie, then the paper inside turns out to be a hundred dollar bill. Niceeee  :)

Of course, if our benevolent internet overlords really want to solve the black plague that is your average youtube comment, they could try:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Google. Chrome OS netbook. Me. Free. Muhaha!

"Plug in to start the flow of electrons. Do not expose to rap music."

I less than three Google so much. It's been, what? Maybe two years since signing up for updates on their delicious soon-to-come operating system. The anticipation meter ("Come on, come onnnn!") got pretty damn high, but I'd say any amount of waiting is totes worth it when the end result is a free netbook with a shiny new bleeding edge Google OS.

...that came shipped in a box with schematics for a hamster-powered rocket engine!