Thursday, May 6, 2010

About bad service rants

In a previous post I ranted about awful customer service (from Verizon).

A lot of times, people's first inclination in those situations is is to curse out whatever poor actual person they have on the phone with/in front of them. High emotions are understandable, but that solution is almost unforgivably wrong for two reasons:

    (b) The person you yell at is almost never going to be the one who caused the problem, or who has any power whatsoever to fix it in the future. Calling back will never get the same person you were just talking to. So any hapless sap you give an earful to will be apologizing for something they had nothing to do with!

    (a) They're human beings like anyone else. It would be like one of those scum-of-the-earth people who yell at or talk down to waitresses. Noone, whatever their profession, is below you. Just don't talk to them that way.

Anyways, all that said, the occasional need to vent comes up. And it's always good to let the world know of idiocy in general so it can be throughly mocked. Thank you internet =)

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